The Socielo Advantage

Socielo CRM is a SAAS based product which enables users to interact with
their customers and manage them efficiently, so as to to convert leads and drive sales.

Comparison Chart

  • Zoho

    It isn't worth its price, when you see that Zoho creates a duplicate Lead even when you have an existing Account and Contact - this is due to Zoho's incorrect use of Modules

    Insufficient email integration - if you look at a lead in Zoho, you would not know which emails were sent to that person and what they've replied with, to your business?

    Zoho does not give you good customer support - so, if something goes wrong or you find their interface difficult to navigate, you are down to guess work and luck

  • Microsoft

    Very costly service ($50 per user per month), yet it does not work in certain browsers like Safari. It also doesn't have, task management.

    Partnership relation is limited because the Microsoft certified partners are the only partners who are familiar with other MS Tools. Hence, works best only with other offerings of the Microsoft ecosystem

    There's no time tracking or task management to keep your team on track, and it lacks document sharing,

  • Salesforce

    It has what is called "hidden costs" and becomes quite costly, once you start factoring the costs of customizations

    It has a "sales-stack", - basically made up of miscellaneous bits and pieces bolted together with a patchwork of integrations and custom coding. Prone to crashes and errors.

    Salesmen often hate using Salesforce, not the least because it cannot optimize the sales strategy to gain competitive advantage.


    Socielo is affordable, has no hidden costs, works on all browsers. It has no issues with duplicate leads. It also has Task Management feature

    We offer top class email integration where you will know all historical messages to and from emails. You can have partner relationships with anyone you want. No issues with sales stack - all elements are perfectly blended to work in synchronicity

    We offer excellent customer support. We offer document sharing, time tracking and task management. Socielo CRM can help you come up with a winning sales strategy.

Client: Simba Group

Uganda-based SIMBA Group,
headed by serial Entrepreneur and leading bioinformaticist, Joel Bellenson, provides energy-efficient fuel substitutes in Uganda. Socielo is used to track on-the-road Sales Team in real-time to ensure proper coverage, the accuracy of report filing, and revenue tracking


  • Basic

    $35 per month
    Up to 6 users

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  • Plus
    (SOHO, Start-ups)

    $69 per month
    Up to 15 users

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  • Small
    & Medium Biz

    $139 per month
    Up to 40 users

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  • Enterprise/

    Unlimited users

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ALL users of ALL four plans of Socielo CRM will be able to avail ALL of the following features

Unlimited contacts and accounts | Micro-Segment prospects and clients | Lead management | Deal management | Unified communications across calls, SME & emails | Sales pipeline | Real time sales team tracking | Cash Sales | Tasks & meetings | Mass text messages (SMS) | Invoices and payments | Estimates or quotations |Email campaign

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