Our Services

Artificial Intelligence

Our coding team has decades of experience handling all sorts of projects related to Artificial Intelligence, be it in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning models like transformers, or plain Machine Learning and Data Modeling. Please see our Past Work


Java is a platform independent coding language that has remained evergreen thanks to its cross platform compatibility, built in security, robustness, a large developer community and high quality frameworks. Java is popular from banking to retail clients and plenty in between. Our CTO, a veteran of Sun Microsystems and a Sun Certified Java Architect, and successfully developed many products, some of which went for successful IPO.


Blockchain, utilizing decentralized ledgers, is the heir apparent of all web2 systems. It factors into industries spanning logistics, manufacturing, retail, banking, oil, art (NFT), et al. We have already consulted to the top-management of many companies about Blockchain integration and are building a blockchain backed, hyper local news portal. Aside of these, we are in talks for coding an NFT marketplace for a Dubai based client.

QA and QC

QA and QC is used to assess, analyze and sample a developed IT application, so that it can meet industry standards like ISO. It also ensures customer satisfaction. It finds use in industries ranging from Retail, eCom, BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics etc


Our ready-to-deploy, flagship product - a social CRM SAAS called Socielo CRM uses state of the art tech. Its clientele ranges from hotels and telecom companies to stock trading platforms, spread across 3 continents. Please feel free to try it FREE for 1 month

We take pride in taking...
IT to the next level

We specialize in solving complex business problems leveraging AI, Big Data, QA-QC, Blockchain and other latest technologies. Apart from the focus areas listed above, we are also open to work in Data Analysis, cutting edge apps and often offer digital marketing (through tie-ups). Feel free to let us know all your requirements.