We also have a flagship product in the form of
Socielo CRM, offered in a SaaS model

We provide solutions for complex problems
harnessing the power of both data & code...

Our CTO is a Java veteran of Sun Microsystems (in Silicon Valley) and has been part of tech teams, both of startups that have gone IPO, and also of established companies which launched "first in the world" products. His key strength lies in architecting and developing distributed, high performing, scalable applications. He had been a consultant Architect to multiple MNCs including Fortune 500 companies and provided critical solutions to them.

With him is another veteran of QA and QC, with decades of work-ex in USA. We also have our flagship product - Socielo CRM. Please read about it and all the services we offer. Besides this, we also make apps for Android and IOS, and have tie ups with companies that offer digital marketing services.

Artificial Intelligence

Get in touch for high-end work in AI-ML and Deep Learning, focussed on NLP, & Transformer Architecture.


Well versed in Enterprise Java, message-oriented middleware, event-based microservices, etc.


We can help with DAO, Smart Contracts, Ledgers, NFT, Tokenization, other Blockchain Development

QA and QC

Including Test Plan Dev, Manual and Automated Testing, Regression, Load & Functional testing etc.

Just in case you are wondering, Socielo, in Italian, means "to Associate".

Some technologies are so good that they are always in demand, while some other emerging technologies present so many possibilities, they are hard to ignore​. At Socielo we offer you a range of services spanning both.

On one side we can service most work orders in Java and QA-QC and have a CRM (SAAS) with many notable customers - on the other hand we have satisfied multiple clients, who hired us for projects in AI-ML, Data Science and Blockchain. So please get in touch today.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

  • 25
    Years of Experience
  • 50+
    Products Installed
  • 25+
    Business Partners
  • 12
    Contries (of clients)
  • 5
    Industry Awards

Our Clients

Are You Ready... "to Associate" with us?

We would love to hear from you and understand your exact needs. If you indeed want "to associate" with us, the best way is to fill out our form, letting us know your requirements and availability, so that we can set up a video call.