About Us

Socielo was founded by Angsuman Chakraborty, who has extensive software architecture & product development experience in USA and India. He has served many international clients, primarily in USA. Most of these assignments were done in individual capacity or under his previous company called Relaso Enterprise. He is joined by Dipankar who is a veteran of Quality Assurance and Product Management with over 1.5 decades of experience in USA. All of us have earned degrees and/or work experience in USA and are thus very comfortable handling international clientele.

With the launch of our CRM SAAS called Socielo, we decided to rename our Software services company, also as Socielo Tech. We offer the CRM as our flagship product and also keep offering our specialized software services. Our focus areas are Java, AI, Data Science, QA, Blockchain and some app and web development.

We are based out of Kolkata, India and have an office in California, USA.

"Socielo" in Italian, means "to associate". We look forward to hearing your requirements and developing a long term association with you.